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24/7 customer service

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A large taxi and quality service at a high level

A large minivan type taxi up to 6 passengers or a van up to 8 passengers including luggage per person. Minivans are vehicles for transporting families and small groups. These vehicles can also be used to transport tourists and businessmen.

A large taxi to the field is designed to transport passengers who are planning a trip abroad with the extended family or with good friends who are planning a challenging organized trip after the army or in any other period of time. When you wish to travel in large groups, it is customary to order large taxis to reduce the price since you share the cost of the trip and especially to avoid Travel to the field in several vehicles. When ordering a large shuttle, it contains the entire group without splitting into several small taxis. A large taxi to the field is the most suitable option when the flight is late in the evening or early in the morning.

The price of transportation in a large vehicle depends on the distance of the trip, meaning from the pick-up point of the passengers to the field, and if there is a need to pick up from several different points, this makes the trip more expensive, the number of passengers, the amount of luggage, as well as the travel times, whether it is day or night, all these factors together determine the cost of the trip A big taxi to the field.

Drivers of a large taxi to the airport are aware of the great responsibility placed upon them, since each of the passengers must arrive on time for check-in at the terminal to go through the inspection process, and thus not be late for the flight. That’s why every driver who drives a shuttle to the field is very calculated and works according to the exact schedule to reach every customer at the exact time set. The large, spacious vehicle has enough room for comfortable seating and there is a spacious place for all the equipment, luggage and various bags. The drivers of the vehicles designated for this purpose assist the customers and place all the equipment in the trunk carefully and quickly.

In our fleet of vehicles there are also VIP shuttles for business people around the city

Business people who intend to go on a business flight have a lot of tasks before their trip and they always have various tasks and preparations before the flight. VIP shuttles are intended for a group of business people or important guests that you want to give them a VIP experience.

The driver of the vehicle will pick them up from home or the office at a time convenient for them according to the scheduled departure time. VIP shuttle drivers will drive carefully and face the challenges of the road with patience and ease.

VIP shuttle service is available at any hour of the day, both day and night. Even after landing in Israel, the driver will wait at the exit of the field and he drives the returnees to their homes.

How do you choose a large taxi to the field?

To choose the most suitable and reliable transportation, you should consult with friends and check with which transportation company they usually travel to the field. According to the recommendations, you should book the next trip and enjoy the successful service that solves many logistical problems related to both getting to the field and the awkwardness associated with luggage and bags.

After using this service for the first time, they understand the essential difference and therefore order a large taxi service to the field on every future trip before departure abroad. In view of the great satisfaction, business people also use this option for other trips such as transportation for business people from abroad who come to visit the company.

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Frequently asked questions we are asked

No, this is a private trip with a driver and car at your disposal.

No, this is a private trip with a driver and car at your disposal.

Yes, of course you can get an invoice from the driver at the end of the trip. When traveling to the company, you can request an invoice at the time of ordering and we will send it to you by email.

Your order details will be emailed to you. After confirmation of the order, the driver’s details in a WhatsApp message.

Small taxi: up to 4 passengers
Van or minivan: up to 7 passengers with luggage
Minibus: up to 16 passengers with luggage up to 20 passengers with hand bags.
VIP vehicles: Mercedes, Skoda Suburban.

Small taxi (up to 4 passengers) Transfer service performed by regular taxi cars (sedan). The vehicles can usually be identified as taxis. Each car can carry a maximum of 4 passengers with a cabin bag or 2 large suitcases and 3 cabin bags (trolley).

In our fleet of vehicles we offer new and well-equipped executive cars such as Mercedes, Skoda Superb and Toyota.

VIP jeep transportation (1-4 passengers) The highest standard in passenger transportation, which is carried out with new and well-equipped jeeps and very courteous and discreet skilled drivers.

A large minivan type taxi (1-5 passengers) or a van (1-7 passengers) Minivans are vehicles for transporting groups. These vehicles can also be used in tourist and business class. Minivan transportation is for a maximum of seven to eight people and standard-sized luggage.

Minibus or VIP tourist vehicle for transportation of more than 7 or 8 people, we have minibuses on pre-order, you can order a minibus for up to 16 people plus luggage.

*So that we can match the type of vehicle to the amount of passengers and luggage, contact us and we will help you choose a suitable vehicle.

We must be informed at the time of ordering about special cargo of the following type:

Spirit ski equipment, ski bikes

Extra booster, stroller, baby chair

Folding scooters

Animals and cages

Special requests, such as highchairs, disabled or disabled passengers, refreshments and drinks. Subject to availability and can be ordered in advance. If you require additional care, please let us know when placing your order. Toll roads, parking and any other fees are included in the transfer price.